Visiting the distillery


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Distillery entrance




Waiting room

Meeting room



Our musseum details


Premises od distillery sections



Aerial view


Aerial view

Factory partial view

Water garden








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During the grapes harvest the white grapes pomace is ensiled while the red grapes pomace is distilled as it arrives from the wine cellars.

As well as ensiling directly in several wine cellars, the factory has more that 10.000 tons. of ensiling capacity.






Silos plant A 





Another silos plant B










Distilling room has 8 reboilers of 1.500 kg. and 10 reboilers of 500 kg. in two different lines. Distillation is performed with traditional processes to attain the maximum of the tastes and smells of the Galician ‘orujos’.


We also count with a demethylizing column so that our ‘orujos’ are almost METHYL FREE. 





Stainless Steel Line


Copper Line


Electronic scale which measures every reboiler position








The orujo obtained  (among 53-56 º alcohol) is sent to a reception cellar and later to the homogenization warehouse, formed by 8 stainless steel tanks of 75.0000 litres each, in which a continuous quality level is obtained without differences from one year to another. Three types of ‘orujo’ are homogenized, but under customer request other special types can be manufactured.


Total amount capacity of storage is higher than 1 MILLION LITERS of ‘orujo’ in stainless steel deposits.




Reception deposits

Homogenization deposits



Delivery deposits



Delivery deposits







Compostela Distillery uses both solid and liquid waste to obtain other products. Solid waste is pressed and afterwards stalks are removed, and the resultant waste is Trommer dried until remaining with 10 % humidity. 


Afterwards the waste is filtered in a self cleaning sieve with sleeve filter. Granule is destined to oils production (we obtain more than two million kilos per year) and the rest is used as fuel for the combustion boiler and the steam boiler.


Liquid waste is used as one of the components in the production of vegetable fertilizer BAGABON. 







Steam boiler


Combustión boiler




Granule silo


Granule self cleaner


Sleeve Filter


Another Trommer view




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