Compostela Distillery, SA was founded in 1999, with the aim of distilling Galician grapes pomace, as Galician liquors ‘orujos’* have always achieved international renown throughout the centuries.


Their premises were built with the most updated manufacturing techniques, but the processes to obtain the liquors from the grapes are traditional, as the objective is to obtain the richest possible liquor, as only Galician “orujo” can be, with those tastes and smells that make them unique in the world.


It is important to point out that the founder partners of this company accumulate more than 150 years of experience, so that not only their ‘orujos’, which are of the highest quality from the very beginning, but also their marketing have obtained a great success from their origins among clients to whom these products are exclusively addressed: BOTTLE PACKAGING COMPANIES and SPIRITS FACTORIES.


*orujo/s, (liquor similar to Am. Moonshine) from now onwards.




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Destillery aerial view





Compostela Distillery S.A.
Contimunde S/N 15911 ROIS (Coruña) • Tel: +34 981 81 60 50 • Fax: + 34 981 81 60 51 • E-mail: